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Experienced Friendly Engineers

We recommend routine checks to your treatment plants and pump stations mechanical and  electrical components 6 to 12 monthly to increase the life-span of your treatment plant and avoid costly new installations. Most clients choose to have maintenance contracts with us, so that our automatic reminder service will inform you when your service is due, in order to keep your plant in its best working condition.

We service all makes and models of treatment plants, septic tanks, pump stations and sewage systems. We keep a large stock of parts for quick repairs, including pumps, compressors and control panels.

We can arrange for your septic tank emptying and treatment plant de-sludging to be completed at the same time as the service for your convenience. 

All treatment systems require regular servicing if they are to comply with legal effluent standards. 

What to expect during a full service and empty package:

Unblocking and de-sludging

Tank emptying and high-pressure water wash down (jetting)

Motor gearbox oil change

Compressor air filter change

Compressor diaphragm replaced where required

CCTV inspection where required

Manifold cleaning

Float switch testing

Diffuser clearing and cleaning

Final effluent testing if required to comply with legal standards

FInal effluent discharge pump inspection

Resirculation pump inspection

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